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Disney Stunt Show Secrets: Zorro, Indiana, Bond, & Tinker Bell

In this new “Disney Unpacked” episode, Len Testa, Jim Shull & Jim trace the evolution of stunt-based shows from Zorro running along the rooftops of Frontierland through to cars careening around the “Lights Motors Action” arena.

Over the course of this show, viewers will learn about:

  • What did Disneyland Cast Members use to catch Tinkerbell after she slid down that wire from the top of the Matterhorn
  • What role did “Golden Horseshoe” star Wally Boag play in expanding Walt’s view of how Disneyland could be used to entertain Guests
  • When was the first time Tiny Cline slid down a wire dressed as Tink
  • Where was the “Young Indiana Jones and the Adventure Spectacular” stunt show supposed to be staged at Disneyland Park
  • What technology is used to power the “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular” at Shanghai Disneyland

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